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Our Team

Passionate Educators


Chelsea Inman

Co-owner, Director and Pedagogista

Hi, I’m Chelsea, an early educator of over 13 years in Spokane. My passion for lifelong learning and the Reggio approach evolved from studying brain science, fine arts, and child development. My practicum at Blueprints for Learning fueled my passion, where I worked in their preschool program for 5 years. As a North American Reggio Emilia Alliance (NAREA) member, I attend conferences in big cities, exploring and being inspired by schools with research-driven, family-centric spaces. I am passionate about neurobiology that describes how the brain's architecture guides children's growth and development as well as weaving the artistic languages into our program to support their cognitive growth, explore new perspectives and develop their unique voice. The Nest Community School began as one dream weaved with another. I imagined building a beautiful school where my passion for children's rights, neurobiology and the Reggio approach could flourish and most importantly, where my son, Arthur, could thrive. That dream wove together with Heather's hopes for a community center that would end the isolation of parenting, and build a community of support. As the Nest Community School has grown, so has our advocacy for teachers, we believe that a school can only be a good place for children if it is also a good place for teachers. When I'm not wearing the many hats of my many roles, I find creative outlets in watercolor painting, crochet and digital art, exploring the outdoors and cozying up with a board game with my husband David and our two sons: Arthur and Arlo.


Heather Villa

Co-owner, Business Manager, Music Director

Hello, I’m Heather! I graduated from Whitworth University in Arts Administration and Theatre. I previously worked for a local, independent newspaper for 6 years, and retail management for 15 years before that. I am a proud wife and mother of three with ages ranging from 5-15! In addition to co-founding the Nest Community School with Chelsea, I founded and manages several successful businesses including:  Bella Cova/The Nest (a natural family center offering classes, gifts and support),  Songbird Consulting (marketing/pr) and Songbird Music & Arts Studio (Director of Music Together classes, movement and arts). You'll see me singin' in my bands, Villa Blues n' Jazz and the Ukuladies of Spokane in my evenings and around town. My civic and social devotions have connected me with many local non-profit and arts organizations, of whom I have had the pleasure of serving on fundraising and event boards including: The Spokane Woman's Club, Vanessa Behan Behan Crisis Nursery, Interplayers Professional Theatre, Blue Prints for Learning, Highland Sanctuary, Girl Scouts and the Spokane Arts Commission Performing Arts Task Force.


Jada Bellrose

Assistant Director and Mentor Teacher

I am a mother of two teenage boys, a lover of dogs, and an early childhood development expert. I’m the Assistant Director here at The Nest, and I teach Kindergarten and Preschool in the Blue Jays. My college background is in Early Childhood Education and Human Development, and I had the good fortune of doing my practicum and student teaching at a Reggio Inspired school. I have a deep love of and passion for early education, and I value Reggio teaching and learning as the pinnacle of what an early education can be. I’ve taught 3-6 year old children for over 20 years (!!) and I absolutely love it. I also enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, roller skating, biking, fly fishing and all things nature. I love reading, singing, and yoga, and I jump at any chance to joke and be silly. My favorite animals are elephants, squirrels, and blue whales. My favorite color is teal, my favorite food is peanut butter, my favorite shape is triangle, and I take inspiration from Mister Rogers and Frog and Toad.

Staff Member 4

Sofia Evens

Movement Instructor

Sofia Evens ignites a love for movement and physical activity, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for young children. Through her guidance, children develop coordination, balance, and an appreciation for the outdoors.

Staff Member 5

Darryl Smith

Language & Mathematics

Darryl Smith is dedicated to cultivating a love for language and mathematics in young minds. With engaging activities and personalized guidance, Darryl sparks curiosity and a strong foundation for future academic success.

Staff Member 6

Mia Alexander

Nutrition Expert

Mia Alexander is committed to promoting healthy eating habits and nutrition education. Her passion for creating balanced and nutritious meals ensures that every child receives the nourishment they need for optimal growth and development.

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