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- About Our Nest -

Retail Commitment


We are dedicated to nurturing  new families with outstanding green-friendly and sustainable living (and playing!) products, and compassionate services! 


At Bella Cova, we've researched and put together a collection of top natural, national brands, mixed with the top natural, local varieties. We've made every effort to ensure that the brands we carry are as close to 100% organic as possibly, and that their ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. All have been tested and approved by the Villa family, of course!

Help us build our dream Playscape!

Playscape Proposal 2019.jpg
Rebuilding the Village Mentality


When we pioneered a natural living center for families in Spokane, WA, in 2012, "Bella Cova," our community responded with an overwhelming, YES! We won 2 awards within the first 3months we were open. Today, we are still dedicated to nurturing and empowering young families with high quality early childhood education and parenting resources, outstanding green-friendly and sustainable living products, and rebuilding the village mentality in our community! 


There is a strong natural parenting community in our NW region, and we want to help you find it! 


These are some of the businesses that we have worked with professionally, and personally, that offer resources on just about every subject. We encourage you to seek them out and empower yourself to seek the community and knowledge you need!



Additional Support & Gathering Groups
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