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The Nest Community School

Play-Based,   Child-Led   & Nature-Inspired. 

A Reggio Emilia inspired Early Education located on the Spokane South Hill. Now offering classes for 2 1/2 - Kindergarten Fall 2024!


The Nest has been foundational for our child's growth and development. We were fortunate enough to have her start at age two, as one of the first students there, and now almost three years later, we can't imagine life without them. The consistency. The patience. The security. The love. We (my husband and I) often say that the best thing we've ever done as parents, was to send our kids to The Nest. We are so fortunate that both of our kids will experience the greatness that is The Nest, the teachers, the school, the community... hopefully for many many years to come.” ~The Laventzis Family

Info & Enrollment

Join our upcoming 2024 tours!

April 20th, 10AM-11aM

April 20thth, 12pm-1pm

CLICK HERE to join our next tour.

Limited Enrollment, $150 , non-refundable enrollment fee paid in advance to be placed on wait list. 


We are a licensed Music Together In School Provider!
Find out more HERE and view this video to see a music classroom in action.

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Mission Statement

At the Nest Community School, we advocate for a view of children as competent, creative, capable citizens. We are creating a community of support, advocacy and learning for young children and their families. We know that children learn through the context of relationships with trusted caregivers and families and our teachers recognize that through a relationship of trust and respect children learn best. In the formative years before children enter formal school settings, a child’s brain is over 80% developed already. During this critical window of opportunity, we believe children have a right to high quality education.

Who We Are

Nest Community School is a Reggio inspired preschool program. We are a single, small sized class for mixed-age children from 3 to 5 years old. With class sizes of up to 18 children and 3 teachers, we believe that a low teacher to child ratio is ideal. The school is separated into rooms for the preschool children; the great room, the art studio, the science lab and the dramatic play space. Children will spend time in each space during the day, making choices in the larger room and doing dedicated art and science explorations in the studio spaces, in addition to our fun, outside playscape! 

We believe children have a right to a community of people who support and enrich their lives. Being located in a neighborhood community hub of local businesses offers children and their families the supportive village because we know that it takes a village to raise children. In our modern society, we are more disconnected from our “village” than ever. One of our biggest goals at the Nest Community School is to help build this supportive community for all who pass through our doors.  We are also dedicated to a holistic model. We believe that when children’s bodies are nurtured it unlocks the potential they have in their minds and spirits. Because of this we are dedicated to using natural cleaning products, using sustainable materials in our toys and classroom supplies, providing plenty of outside time and fresh air, and offering whole organic foods for snacks.

Contact us for more info:

(509) 624-NEST (6378)

The  GrandNest

3324 S. Grand Blvd.

Spokane, WA 99203

TheNest Conservation Campus

4418 E. 8th ave

Spokane Valley, WA 99212


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