Sound & Crystal Bowl Meditation

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Adults Only Class:   Create harmony within yourself and your environment. Relieve and manage anxiety, stress, anger and the many situations difficult to navigate in your life.

Family Class:   This class is created for parents alongside their children (or independently). We will provide support for the children while creating an opportunity for parents to create harmony within themselves and their environments. Anxiety, stress, anger and the many situations facing children these days can be difficult to navigate. The benefit of Sound and Crystal Bowl Meditation is to not only help parents manage their own emotions and feelings, but help remind and even perform the technique with their child for future use. All ages welcome. 

Things to bring:

Yoga mat (provided if needed), blanket if wanted,  journal if parents would like to take notes.

Deirdre Catlin came home from a 1st grade field trip and announced to her father she was going to be a pilot. While fulfilling that dream in the Air Force and Air National Guard, she finally learned at the age of 37 where emotions and feelings can get stored in the body and learned instead of being an angry child she was actually afraid. This raised the question how different life would be if we understood these emotions and feelings as children and even adults today? The playground of life could look very different. Blending together her own intuition and compassion with groundbreaking energy healing practices, she helps her clients heal from negative experiences and harness their own creative ability to live a more vibrant and joyful life. Her clients’ successes prove that it is possible to shed the burden of your worst memories and regain a passion for life. This new understanding opened her own creativity into the benefits of sound and voice and music. She is passionate about empowering people to understand our lives through emotional intelligence, body awareness, and energy techniques. With this deeper understanding of self we can provide our own safe spaces to allow our unique creativity to shine.

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We have pioneered a natural living community center for families in Spokane, WA, since 2012 when we opened Bella Cova. Today, we are still dedicated to nurturing and empowering young families with quality parenting resources, quality early education, outstanding green-friendly and sustainable living products, and rebuilding the village mentality in our community! 

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