Baby & Toddler Signing

Welcome to Busy Bee Signing! We offer baby and toddler sign language classes.

We are currently offering this class: 

Wednesdays 10:30am 

Winter Session starts January 8th, 2020

Our mission at Busy Bee Signing is to enhance communication between parent or guardian using American Sign Language.  Our classes are structured to be fun for your little ones, they won't even know they are learning second language. There will be lots of singing, dancing, craft activities, reading, and of course signing for you and your little one. Classes are roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour and are held once a week. The whole program is 16 weeks, but will be split up into 4, 4 week courses. Curriculum will always be changing, so if you sign up in middle or end of the 4 session program, rest assured you won't miss anything and we can just get you into the weeks you missed to make sure your child learns all the signs in the program. . Try a class for FREE!

Things to bring:

Each 8-16wk semester includes all materials, craft supplies, and a digital  download DVD for you and your child to practice at home or wherever you are.

Rachael Neeser

Hi! My name is Rachael Neeser and I am a Baby Signing Time Academy Instructor. Like many of you who are interested in baby signing, I started signing with my daughter when she was just an infant. As a first time mom, I was struggling to communicate with her. I had no idea when she was hungry, when she was full, when her diaper needed to be changed, and the list goes on and on. I found out about Signing Time from a friend on Facebook and I figured I would give it a try. I never imagined signing would change my life the way that it has. Communication with my daughter was almost immediately easier. She could sign to me when she was hungry, when she wanted milk, when she was full. I'll never forget the first time she signed bird in the country farm store while looking at chickens, I was amazed. My daughter"s vocabulary still amazes me and there is no doubt in my mind it's because I signed with her so early. I'm currently working on my prerequisites for the sign language interpreter program at Spokane Falls Community College. I've taken American Sign Language 121 and will be taking more ASL classes in the near future. So you can rest assured that not only am I a certified Signing time Instructor, I'm also continuing my education in American Sign Language. So your child can continue to learn right along with me.  

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